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David Janes davidjanes at
Fri Feb 2 04:10:57 PST 2007

On 2/2/07, Colin Barrett <timber at> wrote:
> On Feb 1, 2007, at 12:53 PM, Joe Andrieu wrote:
> > And to say that the community had a say in Tantek's
> > action is about as valid as saying the American public had a say in
> > George Bush's recent troop increase.
> You are treading dangerously close to invoking Godwin's Law[1] here,
> and a number of other places in your recent messages.
> I'd ask that you refrain from this sort of thing. It's certainly
> possible to address these issues without comparisons like that, and it
> would certainly be welcome, I think, by all involved.
> Again, in general, I've found your tone to be disrespectful to the
> integrity of all members of this list, by implying that we would allow
> a tyrannical "government" to rule over the unknowing masses, and
> particularly to the outstanding  administrators of this list, who have
> been *extremely* measured in their response to many members of this
> list, something for which I applaud them -- having been on the other
> side of the coin it's extremely easy to just remove someone from the
> equation, but they have bent over backwards (IMO) to accommodate Andy,
> calling them dictators totally unnecessary just plain incorrect on a
> variety of levels.
> Is there room for improvement? Always. Is this the place to talk about
> it? Probably. Is comparing them to a secret police or to an unpopular
> sitting American president necessary or helpful to the debate?
> Probably not.

Hear hear. Keep your politics on your blog.

Regards, etc...

David Janes
Founder, BlogMatrix

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