[uf-discuss] hMood/hPresence?

Goix Laurent Walter laurentwalter.goix at telecomitalia.it
Fri Feb 2 05:35:58 PST 2007

Andy, Ben,

Agreed that Presence interop issue can lead to endless metaphysical discussions and is out of scope here. 
As both of you pointed out, the proposal is simply for better formalizing self-expression in HTML content, in particular regarding moods and activities. This is already useful in the blogging area for 'presence discovery' out of such info. I'm personally further interested in linking this with some presence system (no matter how), but I understand it may not be shared by all.

Probably defining some concepts such as "mood" or "activity" would be fair enough for some hPresence formalism.


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>As for an activity (if this is what you may be suggesting by
>presense), the same would apply (is currently <a
>href="http://www.wikipedia.com/skydiving" rel="tag">sky diving</a> and
><a href="http://www.wikipedia.com/happy" rel="tag">happy</a> about

How would you differentiate between something written *about*
sky-diving, and one written *while*, er, sky-diving?

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