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>>         <http://www.westmidlandbirdclub.com/biblio/bb/70-465.htm>
>Nice, those are good examples

Thank you.

> - they do mark up the language of the
>citation itself, but don't mention the language of the cited object
>(presumably because it's easy to deduce) - was that intentional or
>just following established practice?

Following the house style of the paper magazine in which the article
first appeared.

Though I am reminded that I still have to figure out which language some
of them are in!

>Also, could you add those examples to the citation-examples &
>citation-examples-markup wiki pages (if they're not already there)?

Will do, though of course you could, too!

>In my experience, established practice is that the language is not
>explicitly stated, and if it is, the case of a citation printing a
>title in one language that is referring to an item in a different
>language (eg, printing the title of a german book in english)  is

I may be rare, but it does happen. "Mein Kampf" in English is still
titled "Mein Kampf"

>So if the evidence confirms my suspicion that it's really rare to need
>to mark up the language of (for example) the book separately from the
>language of the words in the book's title, then can we just say that
>the language is inferred from the @lang property of the hcite element?

No! Only from a hreflang attribute, if present. Note my previous

>(And hence, drop the 'language' field from the hCite straw format?)

I still don't think that that are anywhere near enough examples,
especially of non-English-language sources, to be confident that it's
not widely used.

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