[uf-discuss] Should microformat features (like rel-tag) have explicit scope?

Brian Suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 08:27:22 PST 2007

On 2/2/07, Derrick Lyndon Pallas <derrick at pallas.us> wrote:
> Still, no one has responded to the more fundamental concern that rel-tag
> is not reusable for things like lists of bookmarks.

--- i think the issue might be with what you WANT rel-tag to be and
what it is? at the moment rel-tag would say "this page as content
about X". That is ALL rel-tag knows about and that is all a rel-tag
spider is concerned with.

> (Or does someone
> really find it helpful that a "page has content about X" can just mean
> that a "page has a bookmark to X; or at least it did when I indexed the
> page, I guess its not there anymore because it rolled off.") ~D

It doesn't matter if it is a bookmark, blog post, hAtom entry,
hCalendar or hResume, etc. A rel-tag applies to the page.
Organizations like Icerocket, Technorati and others index TAGS all
they are conserned with is getting you to the data. (freshness of that
data is another problem, sure things might roll off, but things might
go 404 too! that's life)

I'm not sure what you mean when you say "is not reusable for things
like lists of bookmarks." why not? when a rel-tag spider comes around
and finds the tags it gets indexed in one way. When a bookmark/xFolk
spider comes along it indexes things differently. I get the feeling
you want both the rel-tag and bookmark spiders to index it in the
exact same way? At the moment this is NOT how rel-tag works.

Do you have a specific use-case or URL you want us to look at?
otherwise we should stay away from hypothetical what ifs.


brian suda

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