[uf-discuss] xHours microformat: hours of restaurants, etc.

Derrick Lyndon Pallas derrick at pallas.us
Sun Feb 4 10:11:01 PST 2007

Nick Drago wrote:
> I would like your comments and suggestions as to how this format can
> be improved, and specifically suggestions as to how we can work around
> some of the problems I encountered.
1.) Don't call it vevent.

2.) A great place to start might be looking at how Cron (or any of its 
re-implementations) does recurring events. For instance, if I have a 
store that is open 9am-5pm M-F and noon to 4:30pm on Saturday. I could write

<div class="not-vevent">
  We will be <span class="state">open</span> from
  <span class="cron">
      <abbr class="hour" title="090000.000Z:170000.000Z">9am to 5pm</abbr>
      <abbr class="dayofweek" 
  <span class="cron">
      <abbr class="hour" title="1200Z:1630Z">noon to 4:30</abbr>
      <abbr class="dayofweek" 

Essentially, state holds when any of the cron clauses matches. A colon 
indicates a range and a comma indicates junction. Some classes 
(year,month,day,hour, minute, second, etc.) would specify the maximum 
resolution, i.e. what the largest digits mean; e.g. <abbr class="minute" 
title="15,45">every 30 minutes</abbr> as opposed to <abbr class="second" 
title="15,45">every 30 seconds</abbr>. ~D

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