[uf-discuss] Include-pattern issues

Jason Karns karnsj at cse.ohio-state.edu
Sun Feb 4 21:00:38 PST 2007

I have two issues with the include-pattern, though they are less with the
pattern itself and more with simply implementing it.

1) When using IE (6 and 7) there are many styling issues involved with
hiding the object element. Simply display:none is not sufficient.

2) Many accessibility 'validators' will flag empty <object> elements as
errors if no fallback text is supplied.

Should these issues be listed on the wiki under include-pattern issues, or
on a page as special notes about authoring with the include-pattern?

Jason Karns
The Ohio State University [www.osu.edu]
Computer Science & Engineering [www.cse.osu.edu]

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