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Ryan King ryan at
Wed Feb 7 12:03:25 PST 2007

On Jan 30, 2007, at 4:06 PM, Ben Ward wrote:

>> Chris Messina:
>>> <div class="vcard" id="vcard">
>>>  <address><a href=""  
>>> class="fn
>>> url" rel="me self">Chris Messina</a></address>
>>>  <div class="org">Citizen Agency</a>
>>>  ...
>>> </div>
> John Allsopp:
>> The "definition" of the self attribute value in Atom is "self: the  
>> feed itself". The term "the" seems to indicate "definitiveness".  
>> So, I was initially going to argue that "self me" was  
>> tautological, but in fact, in this sense it is not, and indeed,  
>> the addition of bookmark is probably tautological.
>> So, I'd probably +1 this suggestion, […]
> +1 from me as well.
> Can we gauge wider support for this addition? Any problems from  
> anyone?

Yes there are several problems:

1. XFN applies to whole pages. This means that you can't reliably put  
different people's hCards on the same page and do this.

2. We have prior art that is being ignored. Publishers are already  
using <a class="url uid" ...>...</a> to do this.

I apologize for being late to this discussion, but I think it's off  
track and we need to correct things a bit.

Ryan King
ryan at

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