[uf-discuss] Rel-tag issues, i can't create my own tagspace!

Brian Suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 01:05:10 PST 2007

There has been several emails here and there about the difficulties of
creating tag spaces and that we should change the rel-tag spec.

I completely disagree. Most of the issues stem from issues in blogging
software, server software or hosting restrictions.

All of these issues are out of the scope of the rel-tag spec.

1) you do NOT have to link to a tagspace on your own server. No matter
what your setup maybe, you can ALWAYS use <a> and link to wikipedia,
flickr or other tagspace... that is never broken.

2) while i understand a given server setup might have limitations,
that's not a microformats problem, that is your problem.

I would love to have my host have the latest, greatest version of PHP
technology. If they don't i don't go complain to PHP and ask them to
back-port functionality to an earlier version. I buck it up and either
move hosts, pay for the better service or co-locate my own box. It is
silly to think that it is a problem with the specification.

I am open to dicussing the rel-tag spec, but the current tagspace/tag
is fairly well intrenched in the wild and has not had any problems, so
i don't see an need to change the rel-tag spec just because one
implementation of blogging software can't get it right.

The better approach is to lobby the software/server folks to fix their
implementation, or you can show your distain by switching vendors -
not by trying to fix the spec by including a broken implementation.


brian suda

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