[uf-discuss] addresses for rural delivery

pmw57 at xtra.co.nz pmw57 at xtra.co.nz
Thu Feb 8 18:24:23 PST 2007

I've been marking up some content with the hCard format but came across a puzzling dilemma.

In New Zealand, rural delivery addresses are commonly presented as

Beverleigh and Grant Muir
Hari Hari 7953
South Westland
New Zealand 

Our postal system has another example of how they should be presented on their Rural Delivery page at http://www.nzpost.co.nz/Cultures/en-NZ/Personal/ManageMailDelivery/RuralDelivery/

I've been trying to work out how to mark it up in the hCard, but as far as I know, rural delivery situations are going to be tricky.

So far I have for this

<p class="adr">
<span class="extended-address">Beverleigh and Grant Muir</span><br />
<span class="extended-address">RD1</span><br />
<span class="locality">Hari Hari</span> <span class="postal-code">7953</class><br />
<span class="region">South Westland</span><br />
<span class="country-name">New Zealand</span>

Is this close to how it can be most effectively marked up?

Paul Wilkins

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