[uf-discuss] hreview - Multiple reviews for one item

Andy Bourassa andy.bourassa at gmail.com
Sat Feb 10 23:40:15 PST 2007

Excuse me if this has been brought up in the past but...

Is there a strong need and/or feasible way to have an XHTML document
with a single item listing that is separated from a multitude of
reviews of that item elsewhere on the page?

Example: cork'd, epinions, yahoo tech - list the item (a product in
this case) being reviewed at the top of the page, and then list a
handful of reviews lower on the page.

It seems the current solution is to simply 'hide' this extra data in
every hreview using CSS display: none or some negative pixel offset.

Just curious if this has been given any thought/consideration.

-Andy Bourassa
(I'm new here, and building a review site that uses the hreview draft spec)

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