[uf-discuss] Rel-tag issues, i can't create my own tagspace!

Ryan Cannon ryan at ryancannon.com
Sun Feb 11 21:59:38 PST 2007

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> What is the actual objection here?
> You could put rel="tag nofollow" on them if it is SEO linkjuice  
> related.

What about usability linkjuice? I don't want my users to drift off to a
third-party site, and I don't want them presented with a huge array of
clickable options. I simply want a machine-consumable, human-readable
list of tags.

My best option here is something along the lines of:

<a href="http://tagspace.com/tag" onclick="javascript:return false;"  
style="color:inherit !important; font-style: inherit !important; [add  
ever-increasing list of span-level element stylings set to inherit ! 

The URL requirement for rel-tag is elegant, but it's in no way humans- 

This is disturbing not because of it's relation to tagging blog posts  
in blogging software (which is a simple use of it) but the fact that  
it's becoming a common means of labeling across microformats: it's  
optional for categories in hCard, required for categories in hAtom,  
required for skills in hResume (absurd!), and required for keywords  
in hReview.

Rel-tag is becoming a de-facto standard for any type of taxonomy data  
in microformats. As the number and complexity of microformats  
increases, this is going to become a problem for implementors.

Ryan Cannon

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