[uf-discuss] Training events in hResume

Steve Ganz steve at ganz.name
Mon Feb 12 13:53:01 PST 2007

On Sunday, February 11, 2007 6:49 PM Rob Crowther wrote

> Today I've been working on completing the hResume markup on my CV [1].
>  I have a section devoted to training courses I've been on 
> and other lectures/presentations I've attended.  Can anyone 
> advise, would this be better marked up as 'education', or 
> just plain hCal or perhaps even just use rel-tag, like it's a 
> skill?  It seems to me that education is really school and 
> university rather than attending training courses or 
> lectures, but I could be interpreting it wrong, I couldn't 
> find much in the way of examples.

	It really comes down to how you want this information categorized
elsewhere when it's out of the context of your visually formatted CV. In
other words, the hResume parsers that might consume your CV will not take
the heading of "Training" with it and will lump the lectures/presentations
with your "Education".

> I have started marking them up as class="training vevent".

	That makes sense.


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