[uf-discuss] Microformats and Football

Danilo Medeiros danilo at digitalminds.com.br
Tue Feb 13 20:16:14 PST 2007

Hi there Ben, g'day!

I must say I agree with nearly everything you've just said. I was thinking
along the same lines, and trying to figure out ways to incorporate current
microformats into play (no pun intended). As Frances has gently put, it
would be possible to incorporate a lot from the hcard format for players -
and maybe complement that with some other data.

Maybe the generalization is the way to go, even if it´s not usually the
easiest. I am just wondering whether we would be able to keep it "micro", as
there are so many specific characteristics for each game. That aside, I have
to say that your idea looks very promising! I would add some other info:

- home/away
- venue info
- attendance
- referee info

and maybe a field (or associated hreview item) for a description of the
game, maybe a dl for highlights.

I´m still finding my way around, so any ideas on next steps would be

And concerning hcup and Malarkey, that´s just amazing! Actually I have
contacted him to ask whether he had any "serious" work on sports, I thought
it was genious! He was the one who brought me here.

Thanks a lot, Ben, I miss Oz! Thanks a lot once again Frances.

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