[uf-discuss] Tutorial on AHAH (such a cool technology!)

Benjamin West bewest at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 23:00:41 PST 2007

> I disagree. You should be practicing accessible, progressive
> enhancement.
Agreed, so I don't think we're in disagreement.  This was the reason
for my comment.

>The first example does have a URI, it's the relative
> path to Waldorf-Astoria-Photo.html and should be set up to work from
> a spider, script disabled browser, or even a "right-click to open
> link in new tab."

I'm not sure if people are missing it or what... so here it is again:
This is a link only browsers with javascript can possibly understand.
My point was that if you don't intend to send the user somewhere, you
shouldn't use an anchor.

> Your practice of wiring javascript to a button is
> effectively hijacking the user's browser will do nothing except
> ensure the content is inaccessible to all but a few targeted user
> agents.
Perhaps.  Or my suggestion reinforces the concept of using a button
when you don't intend to send your visitors to another page, instead
of a link.

> <a href="Waldorf-Astoria-Photo.html" class="ahah-photo">photo</a>

I agree this is a better suggestion in this case /if/ the intent is to
provide a fallback to take the user to a new page: something not
possible in the original example.  However, the intent to not send the
user to another page isn't something you can fix with progressive

> Works as a regular link and–once the right event handlers are
> assigned–will work as a JS-enhanced interface.
> James

Thanks for pointing out the better solution.

Ben West

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