[uf-discuss] Training events in hResume

stephen mulcahy stephen at skynet.ie
Thu Feb 15 14:20:14 PST 2007

Ryan King wrote:
>> On the basis of the above examples, I would suggest that a distinction
>> between education and training could be useful as clearly employers
>> sometimes see them as distinct concepts.
> "Sometimes" is not enough. We're trying to work with the 80 side of the 
> 80/20. I have nothing against improving hResume here, but we shouldn't 
> add features that only a minority of people would use.

I would support this distinction - if I'm preparing a CV in hResume
format I would strongly like to differentiate between training courses
and more formal education.

As an employer I strongly differentiate between the 2 and believe most
employees work similarly. I would urge you to consider differentiating
them in hResume.



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