[uf-discuss] Planet microformats (Was: Plant Microformats)

Benjamin West bewest at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 23:02:22 PST 2007

> >
> > http://planetmicroformats.com/
> >
> > At the moment it is just an aggregation of several other sites based
> > on microformats. Any and all feedback is welcome. It is pretty crude
> > at the moment, but in the style of microformats it is better to get
> > something out and itterate on it rather than try to get it perfect the
> > first time.

Nice.  I notice that apostrophes are coming out as question marks.
Very good idea.

> Good idea.  Personally, I think I'd find it more useful if it were
> more like the other planet sites I've used, which tend to pull from
> individual sources rather than aggregators.  The signal:noise ratio
> is just too low to actually read everything tagged "microformats" on
> any of the aggregator sites.  I'd say keep microformats.org, lose
> everything else, and add some of the individual sources discovered
> through the aggregators.
> Peace,
> Scott
I'm also a little wary about the signal:noise deal.  However, there
don't seem to be too many  currently, so I disagree for now.  I'd
suggest a two column layout ala <http://useit.com/>.  The right column
could go under the heading "Microformats Around the World" or
something, might be a smaller type face, but otherwise containing
pretty much the same information currently available: source, title,
link, date published, and one or two lines.  The right column could be
dedicated for more permanent, vetted sources, similar to other planet
sites.  Typeface could be bigger, approaching the size currently
there, with same information, but maybe a few more lines.  At first, I
suggest allowing the right column to be a bit more dominant, until we
collect a satisfactory amount of high value sources.

This strategy allows for an adaptive approach that amplifies the
voices of all authors talking about microformats, yet also ensures
that known, high-value authors are easily accessible.


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