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Ryan Cannon ryan at ryancannon.com
Wed Feb 21 10:22:04 PST 2007

Identifier is, Per the straw man[1]:

 > An (not necessarily globally unique) identifier, such as a
 > cite-key, pubmed ID number, or simply the reference number
 > or string within a publication ([1] or [CLRS2001])

I wrote an hCite export template for BibDesk*, and used the  
identifier (cite-key)
as the id attribute on the root element. I'll argue that `identifier`  
is not data
that needs to be accessible to humans, and we already have a semantic  
in HTML.

Here's an example. The class="book" is just a CSS hook to differentiate
books and articles:

     <cite class="book hcite" id="Lippmann:1997fk">
         <span class="creator vcard">
             <span class="fn n">
                 <span class="family-name">Lippman</span>,
                 <span class="given-name">Walter</span>.
         <span class="title">Public Opinion</span>
         <span class="publisher vcard">
             <span class="adr">
                 <span class="locality region">New York</span>:
             <span class="fn org">Free Press</span>
         <span class="date-published">1997</span>.


* The template is a total hack and needs to be updated. Contact me
   if you'd like to see it in it's current state.

[1]: http://microformats.org/wiki/citation- 
Ryan Cannon

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University of Michigan

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