[advocacy] Contacting Blogger (was Re: [uf-discuss] Rel-tag issues...)

Mike Kaply microformats at kaply.com
Thu Feb 22 09:06:18 PST 2007

On 2/12/07, James Craig <jcraig at apple.com> wrote:
> Scott Reynen wrote:
> > This may not solve 100% of issues, but I think Blogger could make
> > over 90% of plain-old web hosts work with the current rel-tag spec
> > by simply uploading tagname/index.html instead of tagname.html and
> > then point links to tagname/ (which resolves to index.html on most
> > plain-old web hosts).
> The simplest solution is usually the best, eh? Good idea. *slaps
> forehead*
> For the record though, I still think there should be markup-only
> fallback, such as putting the tagName in a title attribute.
> either
> <a rel="tag" href="/search/tag/foo">All uses of FOO</a>
> or
> <a rel="tag" title="foo" href="/search?tag=foo">All uses of FOO</a>

Is there a reason that the use of the title attribute wasn't
considered for specifying the tag when it couldn't be specified in the

Mike Kaply

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