[uf-discuss] country-code may be missing from hCard/adr spec

Nic James Ferrier nferrier at tapsellferrier.co.uk
Sun Feb 25 12:14:26 PST 2007

Erin Caton <erin at reelgeek.com> writes:

> It doesn't look like abuse to me, it's just inside-out.  You want the  
> abbreviated text in between the tags and the full name in the
> title=" ".

I disagree. But then I would I guess.

My thinking was:  

The class of the element is "country-name". So the content is "United
Kingdom". But the title of the United Kingdom, it's pretty clear to
me, is "UK".

> On 25-Feb-07, at 3:19 AM, Andy Mabbett wrote:
>> In message <87zm72k1na.fsf at tapsellferrier.co.uk>, Nic James Ferrier
>> <nferrier at tapsellferrier.co.uk> writes
>>> I do:
>>>  <abbr class="country-name" title="UK">United Kingdom</abbr>
>>> when I want a country code.
>> That looks like abuse of the "abbr" tag, to me.
>> -- 
>> Andy Mabbett

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