[uf-discuss] cite/embed a microformat tag from another url

Lorenzo De Tomasi lorenzo.detomasi at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 15:54:53 PST 2007

is it possible to "cite"/embed/import a microformat tag from another
website, using javascript/php + dom or another open web technology?
For example I would like to create a web page that gets updated hcards
of different organizations directly from  their websites...

And if I want to have a realtime updated value (like a counter) on my
website, that gets informations from a <span id="counter"></span> on
another url (for example the one in the yellow rectangle at
http://www.altroconsumo.it/map/show/12530/src/140553.htm )?

Thank you very much

Lorenzo De Tomasi
Designer della comunicazione

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