[uf-discuss] rel-tag title as tag value

Mike Kaply microformats at kaply.com
Mon Feb 26 09:50:25 PST 2007

On 2/26/07, Derrick Lyndon Pallas <derrick at pallas.us> wrote:
> Obviously, you're the only one that can evaluate your situation; if you
> want to make your application work with rel-tag, you need a conforming
> tag-space. The easiest thing to do would be to set up a redirect that
> takes URLs of the form
> <http://dogear.example.com/html/tag/collaboration> and maps them to
> existing URLs of the form
> <http://dogear.example.com/html?tag=collaboration>. Then link to the
> former when using rel-tag. This should be very simple to set up in most
> web servers and will help you transition to using the new, nicely named
> tagspace. ~D

So in order to support the rel-tag microformat I have to do server
redirects? Is anyone seeing the problem here?

The answer is, while on apache servers, using mod_rewrite or redirects
is fairly easy, there are app server configurations where redirects
are not as simple as this.

So redirects are not a solution.

I want a solution that involves the web page, NOT the server.

Mike Kaply

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