[uf-discuss] country-code may be missing from hCard/adr spec

Mark Jaroski mark at geekhive.net
Mon Feb 26 12:47:03 PST 2007

Michael MD wrote:
> >UK is the abbreviated form of United Kingdom.  As such, it should be  in 
> >the content of the tag, or else using the abbr element is  unnecessary. 
> >However, I have no clue as to whether the class country- name is 
> >appropriate for country codes, which seems to be the issue.   I was just 
> >commenting on the general html.
> It looks like what is really needed is a standard way to represent standard 
> country codes - so that machines can look up related information for the 
> country without the hit and miss problems of freeform text names for 
> places. (but keeping it simple for parsers or authors)

I've decided that for my purposes the best thing is to spell out the
country name and let the user's client sort out how to do (or not do)
abbreviation.  Otherwise we might just have formatted address labels with
no structure inside.


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