[uf-discuss] rel-tag title as tag value

James Craig jcraig at apple.com
Tue Feb 27 15:11:09 PST 2007

Mike Kaply wrote:

> Microformats that require specific settings on your web server, and
> access by the user to configure that web server if necessary and a
> very specific syntax that you might not be able to accomplish with
> your configuration:
> rel-tag

Don't forget it's also the only one that goes against the  
microformats mantra: "simple conventions for embedding semantic  
markup." It is neither markup, nor simple. Rather, it's not simple in  
the majority of cases. Regarding simplicity:

1. Linking to others' tagspace. Simple? Yes. Practical? Probably not.

2. Creating a physical directory for every tag I create. Simple? Yes.  
Tedious? You bet. Fully localizable with a full UTF-8 character set?  
Only if you want to escape them all. That'd be pretty.

3. URL rewriting. Practical? Very. Recommended? Yes. Simple?  
Certainly not. Low barrier to entry? I'd argue that anything  
requiring RegEx does not entail a low barrier to entry... therefore,  
not simple.

I believe we all agree that a restful tagspace is best. I also think  
no one here suggests *requiring* a title if the tagspace is there. We  
are only requesting an alternative that is both "simple" and  
"markup." Something anyone can implement.


PS.  Have you seen the emperor's lovely new clothes? ;-)

PPS. If that counts as "snarky", call me out on it. It's meant in fun.

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