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Michael McCracken michael.mccracken at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 08:53:36 PST 2007

Looking at the examples on citation-examples, I find the following
frequencies of marking up a date:

publication date: 21
date accessed: 3
date copyrighted: 1 (from OCLC worldcat online)

I just added date-accessed to the working straw schema.

Certainly all three are useful, but can we find more examples for the last two?
I'd be more comfortable having a 'date copyrighted' field in the uf if
there was more than one real-world example on the wiki.

If there is another date field that you think is useful, now would be
a good time to add examples of its use and discuss it.

Also, I assume the date fields should use abbr:
<abbr class="date-published" title="ISOdate">date text</abbr>
however, many publications have only years, or just years and months -
it would be good to have a recommendation about what to do in that
case. Would <span class="date-published">2007</span> be acceptable, or
should we insist on the full ISO date?
The problem is how we would know to ignore the month and day in the
full date if they're just there to satisfy parsers.


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