[uf-discuss] No luck with getting Technorati to index my microformat-containing Web pages - help!

Costello, Roger L. costello at mitre.org
Sat Mar 3 13:56:43 PST 2007

Hi Folks,

I don't seem to have any luck in getting Technorati to index any of my
Web pages that contain Microformats.  

For example, about a month ago I entered this URL at Pingerati [1] of a
Web page that has an hReview of the book An Introduction to


When I enter this search - An Introduction to Mathematics - at the
Technorati search page [2] my Web page does not appear.

What am I doing wrong?



[1] http://pingerati.net/

[2] http://kitchen.technorati.com/review/search/

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