[uf-discuss] "authoritative hCards", a simpler proposl

John Allsopp john at westciv.com
Sun Mar 4 15:13:53 PST 2007

Hi all,

  Mike Schinkel wrote:

> Ryan King wrote:
>> Catching up in the last few days, I find that there are some
>> probelems with the "authoritative hcards" proposals. I'
>> <snip>
>> My proposal is that we use UID+URL to hint that there's an
>> hCard on the other end of that URL which represents the same
>> entity. Also, multiple hCards with the same UID may be
>> considered as representing the same entity.
> In reviewing this I can't help but feel that I don't understand the  
> use-case
> or the desired outcome.  Will someone kindly explain?  Is it that  
> there
> could be hundreds of hCards on the web for Ryan King (the one for  
> the guy
> who has the email address of [ryan at technorati.com]) but only one  
> should be
> considered 'authoritative?"

A number of somewhat overlapping suggestions seem to be floating  
around regarding this.

There is definitely a strong use case, IMO, for somehow indicating  
that some hCard over there is a more detailed version of this one.

For example, at the various conference sites I am involved wiht, we  
mark up all speakers using hCard. Ofen it's simply

<span class="vCard"><a href="http://johnfallsopp.com" class="url  
fn">John Allsopp</a>

Now, if this could point at an hCard with more information about the  
speaker so marked up, to me that would be potentially very useful for  
something like Tails or Operator to pull in that additional  
information, or for aggregating references to the same person and on.

As to definitiveness or authoriativeness, I think that's a tougher  
nut to crack.


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