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Tue Mar 6 02:35:10 PST 2007

Oops!  Oh well,  nothing said that I wasn't going to present to the
Microformat community eventually!


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> Paul:
> I really enjoyed your discussion, and you seem to be very 
> knowledgable about Javascript issues.  I have started a 
> project with a partner in the UK (I am in the USA) that we 
> hope to see grow to be used by most websites and most 
> webusers.  One thing we think is missing are visible reasons 
> for people to use semantic markup where they can see an 
> immediate and obvious tangible benefit. That's why we decided 
> to pursue this project. We've got pure intentions, and our 
> goal is to be a catalyst to make the web better. 
> The project is called Toolicious (  
> Minimally all I'm asking is for you to read the small amount 
> of info on the website and then give me your feedback. Beyond 
> that I'd hope you'd just the mailing list[1] and participate 
> in the discussions. We want to ensure that there is no reason 
> people wouldn't want to use it on their website, but I'll let 
> the website try to finish explaining to you as it eventually 
> needs to speak for itself.
> Thanks in advance for your consideration.
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> to amaze how many people will proactively debate away 
> attempts to improve the web..."
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