[uf-discuss] Formatting arbitrary dates, not part of hCalendar

Paul Wilkins pmw57 at xtra.co.nz
Tue Mar 6 16:09:31 PST 2007

From: "James Craig" <jcraig at apple.com>
> In this case, I think what you are looking for is the 'datetime' 
> attribute on INS and DEL elements.
>     <ins datetime="2007-03-05">5 March 2007</ins>
> This has nothing to do with microformats; it's just semantic HTML. It 
> specifies the time of the insertion or deletion, so I think it's  quite 
> appropriate for specifying when a version was released.

While it specifies the time of insertion or deletion, the semantics of that 
don't match up with what we're wanting to do here. The INS and DEL elements 
are supposed to markup changes to the document, with respect to a different 
version of that document. So for example, INS is marked up with underlines, 
and DEL is marked with a line-through.

Yes it's possible to get around the presentation issues by negating the 
style that INS and DEL are presented with, but this is counterproductive to 
other more correct use of those elements.

Unfortunately here we have a case similar to BLOCKQUOTE, where an element is 
used for a purpose that it's was never intended for, and that new purpose 
eliminates reasonable chances of its actual intended use.

Paul Wilkins 

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