[uf-discuss] hCard email & type properties

Paul Wilkins pmw57 at xtra.co.nz
Sun Mar 11 11:23:04 PST 2007

Kim Franch wrote:

> My confusion comes when trying to impliment email types. I used the
> following markup:
> <a href="FooBarRedirect">
>  <abbr class="email" title="random at foo.com">
>    <span class="type" title="internet pref">Email FooBar</span>
>  </abbr>
> </a>

The markup appears to be correct, as when your code is added to an hcard 
with a test name, the tool at http://suda.co.uk/projects/X2V/ pulls out 
the correct information.

The type of internet and preferred aren't necessary, as internet is the 
default email type, and as there is only one email address listed for 
them, there is strictly no preferred one to refer to.

> From what I've read through, I believed this would be correct, while
> keeping markup to a minimum. However, checking my hcard markup using
> the Tails & Operator Firefox extensions proved troublesome in the fact
> that when exporting the cards 'Email FooBar' showed up as the email
> address instead of random at foo.com. Tails would show the correct email
> address in the sidebar, but not in the exportation.
> I realise that potential issues with these extentions are outside the
> scope of this list; I would appreiciate, though, comment or
> suggestions on the above markup.

What you may be facing is that some tools aren't as of yet fully complete.
As an example, Operator is an alpha release right now, and doesn't 
appear to support some abbr design patterns.

The most up-to-date one typically being http://suda.co.uk/projects/X2V/

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