[uf-discuss] hCard email & type properties

Kim Franch romakimmy at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 03:35:40 PST 2007

Thank you all for your comments so far.

> The type of internet and preferred aren't necessary, as internet is the
> default email type, and as there is only one email address listed for
> them, there is strictly no preferred one to refer to.

Noted and thank you. Though I started this module for my own ends, I
think it might prove useful for the Drupal community and am thus
attempting to make it as flexible as possible, including multiple
email addresses, url & IM's per entry/hCard. It's still in a very
rough stage and you just pointed out a point where I need to smooth
the edges out, so to speak.

> Why not then have the normal URL in the markup then use an onmousedown event
> to update the URL to be what it should with the clickthrough tracking?

Because I'd like to stay away from JS for a variety of reasons.
A) I'm not that proficient with JS and it drives me rather batty
B) I try to KISS and stay away from JS for reasons of accessibility,
flexibility, and browsers that have JS disabled/have proprietary DOMs
C) Keeping with the sneaky bastard-ess (tm) moniker, for my own
personal project I'd need to keep track of clicks as mentioned
previously (Think something along the lines of an advertiser's
directory or a type of yellow pages for a site). The aim is to
eventually try to filter known robot 'clickthroughs' as opposed to
actual human clickthroughs. As such, I'm much more comfortable
tinkering around with PHP than JS to achieve this end.
D) See: A :)

> > I suspect because he wants people to be directed to a page where they can
> > get in touch, instead.

For my own project, yes I have been considering this as well so users
can keep track of who/when they have contacted.

> So the goal is to have the href attributes point to click-tracking  URLs,
> but have microformat parsers read the original URLs.  Even  though this is
> possible (as others have explained), it seems to  violate the microformat
> principle of designing for humans first,  machines second.  In this case,
> machines are getting more useful  links than humans.

Scott, may I ask you to expound a bit more on this? I suspect my
morning cappuccino hasn't kicked in yet, but your last sentence is
flying over my head right now. I'm working on this module precisely
because I want humans to be able to download/import information from
an hCard into their address books/PIMs/PDAs etc. If this info is
included in the hCard, why would a redirect link be more useful to
machines than humans when the large majority of end users wouldn't
know a redirect if it bit them on the bum?

best regards,


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