[uf-discuss] Geo Elevation Data

Paul Wilkins pmw57 at xtra.co.nz
Mon Mar 12 20:24:41 PST 2007

From: "Jon Clausen" <ezods.jjc at gmail.com>
>I apologize if this has been been discussed before.  I browsed through
> the wiki and the list archives and couldn't find any relevant threads
> or pages.   So I joined the list to ask :-)

Hi Jon, thakns for joining. It's always useful to receive more input on 
these things.

> I'm developing an app that makes heavy use of geo-spatial data, both
> lines and points.  I'd like to incorporate the geo microformat for
> points, at minimum, however the coordinate data also includes the
> z-index (elevation) as well.
> My first question is whether elevation has been proposed as part of
> the geo draft specification?  Adding the third dimension would seem
> natural and would add additional precision when adopted.

Unfortunately the third dimension is being rejected at this time. However, 
if the vCard spec is updated to include an altitude component, then it will 
definately become a part of the hCard spec too.

If it does get decided to add an altitude component,  it'll be explored 
first on the brainstoming section.
But at this particular stage, extensions to hCard/vCard are being currently 

> My second question is whether or not, for line data, it is acceptable
> to include multiple latitude and longitude classes, in sequence, which
> make up the line in sequence or if there is a better way to do it?

What kind of use do you envisage web tools being able to use that line 
sequence information for?

This may be a case where something greater than the Geo microformat (which 
is point specific) is required.

Paul Wilkins 

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