[uf-discuss] include pattern : including table data

Paul Wilkins pmw57 at xtra.co.nz
Thu Mar 15 12:25:17 PST 2007

From: "Alwin Blok" <alwinblok at gmail.com>
> I have a question about the include pattern:
> anchor elements are not allowed in all elements: ie using an anchor 
> element to include extra table data (rows) will result in invalid  xhtml. 
> ie. <table><a class="include" href="#row_data"></a></table> is  not valid.
> I suppose we could work around this by using the title attribute  along 
> with the class="include" on almost all elements.
> ie. <table><tr class="include" title="#row_data"><td/></tr></table>  is 
> valid.
> The title attribute set too "#an_id", however does not indicate a 
> reference to an other element, which is a problem. Any thoughts/ 
> suggestions ?

The include pattern is not going to change how information is presented on 
the screen.
The purpose of the include pattern is to allow you to reuse microformat 
information that's already on the page. The only effect that the include 
pattern has is on parsers looking through the page for microformat 

For example, if you have information that an hcard could use, then later on 
in the page you have address details for them, their first hcard information 
can be reused (when microformat info is extracted) without having to 
redisplay that info on the page again.

<div class="vcard"><span class="fn" id="myname">Paul Wilkins</span></div>
... other stuff ...
<div class"vcard">The place where <a href="#myname" class="include">I</a> 
live is <span class="adr"><span class="street-address">123 Evergreen 

If you can provide an example of what you're wanting to display on the page, 
we can then help with examples of how to effectively mark it up as a 

Paul Wilkins 

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