[uf-discuss] Microformats Process flowchart 0.1

John Allsopp john at westciv.com
Thu Mar 15 15:23:14 PST 2007

Hi all,

as part of the workshop at IA Summit on structured data, where I am  
doing a session on ufs, I have put together a flowchart to introduce  
people to the all important process of developing microformats. [1]  
I've not uploaded it to the wiki yet as

1. it might not be at all appropriate
2. it probably needs a lot of work, and as such, may well confuse  
more than it helps - and as it is not really editable, we can't  
really use the wiki process to do that.

There's also an omnigraffle version you can download [2] if you want  
to fix it up a bit (or just email me changes you think need making).  
Sorry that its in this format - I only have the standard version of  
graffle, so can't export as SVG - anyone who cares to do so, please  
feel free, and send it back.

I've tried to capture the current narrative description at the wiki  
[3] in a formal flowchart kinda way (note, 20 years since comp sci,  
flow chart may be completely wrong)

I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts as to whether it is  
useful, and what needs changing/fixing

thanks in advance


[1] http://microformatique.com/process/process.html
[2]  http://microformatique.com/process/process.zip
[3] http://microformats.org/wiki/process

John Allsopp

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