[uf-discuss] include pattern : including table data

Alwin Blok alwinblok at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 18:34:34 PST 2007

Op 15-mrt-2007, om 21:34 heeft Brian Suda het volgende geschreven:

>> I suppose we could work around this by using the title attribute
>> along with the class="include" on almost all elements.
>> ie. <table><tr class="include" title="#row_data"><td/></tr></table>
>> is valid.
> --- there is a better, more semantic way. Tables have several
> accessibility 'hooks' they allow for axis, header, id, and other
> attributes to create relationships between two cells.

> Do you have a URL you could post here so we can help you mark-it-up?
> -brian

Hmm, I realise now, that this is indeed, not really a problem with  
general use of the include pattern.

Sorry for going off-topic, but let me explain my question:
I am building a templating system for skinning, and editing data  
For this, I am using elements containing optional includes and choice  
includes (as templates), when I noticed a resemblance with the markup  
of the include pattern.

A simple gui for a list of records could look like this:

<table style="display:none">
<tr id="#row_data"><td>First Name</td><td>Last Name</td></tr>
<a class="optional rule" title="#row_data">Add another record..</a>
<table><a class="optional rule" title="#row_data">Add record..</a></ 

Clicking "Add record" clones the referred item, binds it to backend  
data and replaces the anchor.

I think this is related to microformats, as it actually describes a  
grammar of a (compound) microformat.
I need to specify these grammars, and I am trying to find a format  
for the specifications.


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