[uf-discuss] Ficlets and microformats

Jason Garber jason at sixtwothree.org
Mon Mar 19 06:37:15 PST 2007

(Apologies if this made it to the list, but I think my original bounced)

I'm happy to announce the recent launch of Ficlets (ficlets.com... fancy 
that), a social micro-fiction site built by a small five-person team at 
AOL. I won't belabor you all with the who's, why's, and wherefore's (you 
can get all that on the site). On to the important part.

We made a very conscious effort to microformat the crap out of the site. 
Stories (individual and lists of) are marked up using hAtom. Author bios 
are marked up as hCards, and comments on stories are marked up using 

The code _should_ be pretty good, but I invite you all to check out the 
site and provide whatever feedback you might have.


jason at sixtwothree.org

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