[uf-discuss] Geo Elevation Data

Alexander Graf alexander.graf at deri.org
Tue Mar 20 03:57:07 PST 2007

On 20.03.2007, at 10:30, Brian Suda wrote:

> On 3/20/07, Alexander Graf <alexander.graf at deri.org> wrote:
>> I think we should either use meters or allow for an additional
>> parameter which specifies
>> the metric standard.
> --- microformats model Real-World behaviors, so what you THINK is not
> what gets model. We need to look into how things are ACTUALLY being
> published.
> The W3C has an RDF representation of GEO coordinates and even though
> there is an ALTITUDE component, it is rarely used! Even google Earth
> defaults the ALTITUDE to the land height at a given lat/lon
> -brian

We don't know the land height though. Several people are already  
waypoints with altitude information, as, for example, here:


Note how he specifies that the altitude is given in meters? Others  
publish the
altitude in feet. So it's not what I THINK, it's what is ACTUALLY  
being published.

- alex

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