[uf-discuss] OT: Governance (WAS: Free Andy Mabbett!) [with two 't's]

Dr. Ernie Prabhakar drernie at opendarwin.org
Thu Mar 22 13:37:26 PST 2007

Hi all,

On Mar 19, 2007, at 7:53 AM, Dr. Ernie Prabhakar wrote:
> Therefore, I believe that the administrators ought to either:
> a) remove his moderation constraint
> 	or
> b) publicly state why they are not removing it
> http://microformats.org/wiki/governance-issues

On Mon Mar 19 07:34:50 PST 2007, Tantek Çelik wrote:
> I've created a wiki page to track opinions on this discussion offlist:
>  http://microformats.org/wiki/mailing-list-unmoderation
> Please add your input there, and do not follow-up/reply to this  
> thread.

I appreciate Tantek's indulgence for my off-topic post, and his  
prompt response.  However, despite the overwhelmingly positive vote,  
Andy's moderation does not appear to have been removed, nor has any  
explanation been given.

Again, I fully believe in the good intentions of the leadership, and  
respect the busyness of their schedules. However, independent of  
their position on Andy, I feel they owe *the community* a little more  
respect for our expressed opinion.

Then again, maybe that's just me.  Let me know (one way or the other)  


In deference to Tantek's wishes, please follow up there (on the wiki)  
rather than here (on email).

Sorry for the interruption. We now return you to your regularly  
scheduled hCard.

Penitently yours,
-- Ernie P.

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