[uf-discuss] hReview type=review

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Fri Mar 23 22:42:50 PST 2007

So, I've been thinking about things you can do with reviews to collect 
(http://mailman.laptop.org/pipermail/library/2007-March/000041.html) and 
how you might want to say "get all the content someone else has 
collected".  And, apropos to this group, how the source for a collection 
of content can just be a bunch of hreviews (plus some criteria, e.g., a 
set of tags or ratings).  A technique I thought of for getting other 
people's content be to allow recursive reviews.  That is:

<div class="hreview">
   <span class="type" title="review">Include review:</span>
   <a class="item fn url" href="{someone else's page}">...</a>

And adding things like tags to this metareview is actually quite 
interesting and useful -- like saying that this person's reviews are 
related to a particular tag.  Or a rating implies the reviews have a 
certain validity (for weighing multiple ratings, or I suppose 
determining the accuracy of their ratings -- standard deviation?  I 
don't know how I'd use a standard deviation in ratings, and yet it also 
seems somehow natural.)

Anyway, a thought.  And I suppose a proposal for another type.

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