[uf-discuss] hCards in other languages

Justin Mclean justin at classsoftware.com
Sat Mar 24 03:02:18 PST 2007

Hi Paul,

> Works for me on Operator 0.6.2 and on X2V at http://suda.co.uk/ 
> projects/X2V/
Thanks for that, X2V worked for me also so that implies that the  
hCard on the page is fine. Out of interest what address program are  
you using?

> Yes, that's good enough. The only difficulty is when english text  
> is expected as keywords, and you want them displayed in another  
> language instead. Then you'd have to do something like
> <abbr class="type" title="fax">fakusu</abbr>
Yes that's what I'm using in the japanese (and other language)  
versions. The address is still in english so I guess I should tag  
that as lang="en"  (or perhaps en-au) as it's a different language to  
the page.


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