using class to store type value (was Re: [uf-discuss] An Inconvenient hCard)

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Sun Mar 25 13:24:04 PST 2007

On 3/25/07 3:57 AM, "Andy Mabbett" <andy at> wrote:

> In message <0cpnOiOCiQAGFwkj at>, Andy Mabbett
> <andy at> writes
>>>   <abbr class="type" title="fax">Téléc</abbr>.:
>>>   <span class="value">(514) 123-4568</span>
> A further thought -  this wouldn't be an issue, if we had separate
> classes, rather than one class and several types, thus:
>       <span class="tel">(514) 555-4561</span>
>       <span class="fax">(514) 555-4562</span>
>       <span class="cell">(514) 555-4563</span>
>       <span class="textphone">(514) 555-4564</span>

This was actually initially attempted and rejected because it constituted
storage of content in the class attribute, which is an anti-design-pattern.
The "type" in this case is essentially a "tag" on the phone number, which is
human readable content.

The resolution is not in an easily discoverable place unfortunately:

Thus I am adding it to the hCard FAQ.




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