[uf-discuss] Mark-up for vCard in table rows

Jason Garber jason at sixtwothree.org
Sun Mar 25 14:38:44 PST 2007

Andy Mabbett wrote:
>> <tr class="hcard">
>> <td class="fn org"><a href="...">Visitor Center</a></td>
>> <td><table><tr class="adr">
>>  <td><img alt="" src="flag.png" />
>>      <a href="..." class="country-name">Nepal</a></td>
>>  <td><span class="locality">Okhaldhunga (40 km)
>>      <a href="...">map</a></td>
>> </tr></table></td>
>> </tr>
> I'm trying to advise someone about marking up an existing table; uFs 
> are not supposed to require the re-engineering of valid HTML.

This is a stretch, but you could wrap each row in a <tbody> tag and give 
_that_ a class of "hcard", then your <tr> could have a class of "adr." 
It's hack-ish and adds a lot to the table, but is still valid and could 
solve the problem.

Quick and dirty example:

    <tbody class="hcard">
       <tr class="adr">
          <td class="fn">Jason Garber</td>
          <td class="locality">Vienna</td>
          <td class="region">VA</td>
    <tbody class="hcard">
       <tr class="adr">
          <td class="fn">Andy Mabbett</td>
          <td class="locality">Sometown</td>
          <td class="region">Somewhere</td>

Hopefully that doesn't get mungled format-wise, but could this maybe be 
a solution?

jason at sixtwothree.org

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