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Yasuhisa Hasegawa mail at yasuhisa.com
Mon Mar 26 07:01:01 PST 2007


Plugin can be interesting implementation. I also would like to
see in desktop app.
I put up some ideas on Flickr a while ago. It's not exactly
what you're talking about, but somewhat similar.


Yasuhisa Hasegawa

On 2007/03/25, at 12:12, John wrote:

> Angus McIntyre wrote:
>> On Sat, March 24, 2007 6:53 pm, John wrote:
>>> I just thought of a possible application for hcard:
>>> A Mozilla plugin would allow you to enter a URL for a person  
>>> instead of
>>> full details in the addressboox. Then Thunderbird would check  
>>> with that
>>> webpage regularly and see if their e-mail address has changed to  
>>> update
>>> its addressbook.
>> One problem here is that many people may be unwilling to publish  
>> their
>> email addresses on a web page, because of the certainty that the  
>> address
>> will be picked up by spammers. This may limit the number of cases  
>> where
>> this would be useful.
> I can't see that as a problem to not go ahead. I receive over 300  
> spam a day and am doing okay. Most people probably don't have the  
> technology required to deal with that level of spam, but many do -  
> they can place their hcards on their website in any form, and  
> everyone will benefit from that - both the website owners, and the  
> people who communicate with them.
> And the fact that employing anti-spam technology allows you to  
> place your hcard in the open, will entice more people to employ  
> anti-spam measures.
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