[uf-discuss] Geo advocacy successes

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Tue Mar 27 15:00:59 PST 2007

Those of you not following changes on the Wiki might like to know that
I've had some successes, as part of our "advocacy" drive:


in getting sites to add "Geo" to their mark-up.

   *    POI66 <http://www.poi66.com/> added it to over 58,500, in under
        4 hours from initial contact! POI66 publishes lists of
        Points-Of-Interest, such as camp sites, museums or bars; and
        Trails, which can be used for trips, such as hikes and sailing
        routes (and which are likely candidates for a future
        geo-sequencing extension). They're also looking at hCard.

   *    Geograph British Isles <http://www.geograph.org.uk> marked-up
        over *370,000* examples, within *30 minutes* of my request being
        submitted! This project aims to collect geographically
        representative photographs and information for every square
        kilometre of the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

and there's a new implementation:

   *    AddressFix <http://www.addressfix.com/> will now take and valid
        US postal address converted, within one day of request being
        submitted. They'll do other countries, as  and when Google adds
        the functionality.

In each case, I e-mailed a short paragraph about the relevant
microformats, links to the 'wiki', and a sample of their mark up, with
and without microformats added.

If we all (and, yes, that includes you) send just one e-mail a week, to
a likely site, just think how much more quickly microformats will

Andy Mabbett

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