[uf-discuss] Geo advocacy successes

Jason Garber jason at sixtwothree.org
Wed Mar 28 10:58:40 PST 2007

Andy Mabbett wrote:
> Also, if people have contacts in the larger, effectively uncontactable
> organisations (Google IMDb, large multinationals, etc.) the should, if
> appropriate, make use of them
There's a growing number of folks within AOL who are hip to microformats 
and with people
like myself, Kevin Lawver, and others, we're raising awareness and 
evangelizing for The Cause.

I've got my hands in a few projects and you can be there'll be 
microformats in each of them
(Ficlets being the first).

Well done, Andy, it's good to see the work you've done in converting the 

jason at sixtwothree.org

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