[uf-discuss] Re: Microformats UI in Firefox 3

Pelle W mejllistor at kodfabrik.se
Tue Sep 4 04:50:09 PDT 2007

Breton Slivka wrote:
> 1. You guys are proposing a radical change in microformats, and in the 
> way microformats work, and have given us just a week to discuss/object
> 2. If radical change is implemented in firefox, all existing 
> microformatted content will fail to work in firefox3
> 3. said radical change includes inline styles- functionally identical 
> to presentational html tags.
> 4. In order to play nice with firefox 3, all publishers of 
> microformatted content would need to add extra stuff to their markup.
> 5. That extra stuff would *only* be necessary for firefox
It's more of an addition than a radical change to the microformats which 
enables the designer to add Firefox-actions right into their own design 
although such actions will always also be available through Firefox own 
UI and the suggested addition wouldn't change how any existing 
microformats would work or should work. It would be totally voluntarily. 
If it would be part of microformat standard it would work in any tool 
which implements it.

Although I think the suggestion that was made at first wasn't that good, 
the core problem it tries to solve is relevant: A need for a 
standardized way for a webdesigner to add interaction between the 
microformatted data and the parsers actions into their own designs.

Could the Microformat community come up witha standard way of 
interacting with the parsers through JavaScripts or perhaps through new 
URL:s like mailto: or feed: or in another way? Or is such a standard 
perhaps out of this community's scope?

/ Pelle W

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