[uf-discuss] Microformats and Firefox 3

Farndon, Tony tony.farndon at forestry.gsi.gov.uk
Wed Sep 5 01:29:33 PDT 2007

> 2. Microformats are in page, and there needs to be some way 
> to indicate the microformats are available on the page that 
> doesn't offend page authors. How can we accomplish this?

I second the opinion that this is a design issue and therefore should be
handled by css in some way. This would fit into the web design paradigm
of markup for data, css for design. My slightly different css approach;
create custom css property:value pairs, such as that of

So some poor examples that give an idea (and would warrant derivation
from someone better than I): 

#hcard1 {
-moz-uf-hcard-display: block bottom; //instructs FF3 that the author
wishes ff3 to show an hcard icon after the hcard
-moz-uf-hcard-margin: 5px;

#hcard2 {
-moz-uf-hcard-display: block top; //author wants this icon to be at the
top to fit in with page design a little better
-moz-uf-map-display: block top; //author wants a view address map icon
as well

#hcard3 {
-moz-uf-hcard-display: none; //author wants this icon hidden 

.hcard {
-moz-uf-hcard-icon: icon(thenicesmallgreenicon); //all hcards have the
small green icon

.hcard:hover {
-moz-uf-hcard-menu: dropdown; //hovering the icon shows an action drop
down menu


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