[uf-discuss] Re: Need for plain-language intros for each microformat

Ben Ward lists at ben-ward.co.uk
Wed Sep 5 13:34:37 PDT 2007

On 5 Sep 2007, at 20:18, Toby A Inkster wrote:
>> Syntactically the URI would still work, however, semantically it  
>> would have
>> been broken, that is, it is bad to not only change URIs so that  
>> they 404 and
>> just plain don't work, but it is also bad to change the *meaning*  
>> of that
>> URI.
> As long as there is a clear link to the specification from the
> explanation, then I disagree that it's really changed the meaning
> of the link target.

Whilst the ‘meaning’ in terms of microformats.org/wiki/hcard being a  
page about hCard would still be valid, the context in which that URL  
is used by publishers on the internet. Tutorials may link to the  
entire page accompanied by the text ‘read the hCard specification’,  
whilst other pieces could be linking to fragment identifiers within  
the page to reference a specific part of the spec.

As such, I also oppose that the specifications be moved from the  
current root locations. Potentially we could agree that future  
specifications include ‘-spec’ in the URL, but current URLs and  
content IDs need to remain the same.

I would move that plain text ‘-info’ pieces be written for each spec  
and an introductory paragraph from each be placed at the top of each  
spec to more accessibly introduce the document, with a link to the  
‘All about hCard’ page.



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