[uf-discuss] Microformats and accessibility (again)

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Sat Sep 8 04:01:32 PDT 2007

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<e06e0e0b0709071936s3b82d978u43ecb16bf64806b3 at mail.gmail.com>, Mike
Kaply <microformats at kaply.com> writes

>> I was disappointed with his comment - he means that Operator won't catch title attribute of
>> span element in hCalendar as far as the community doesn't get one concrete conclusion.
>> (BTW Tails and Tails Export can find my hCalendar as I expected.)
>Is  this true? Tails and Tails export find title on non abbr elements?

Tails (v 0.3.7) and Tails Export (v 0.3.2; I have both installed,
alongside Operator, for testing) each find the start- and end-dates in:


which uses:

        <dd>[...]<span title="20070915T21:00"
        class="dtstart">21:00</span>[...] <span title="20070915T23:00"

Of course, the whole issue would probably be rendered moot if we adopted
a solution for the "abbr" accessibility issue, such as:


Andy Mabbett

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