[uf-discuss] hCite needs an evangelist

Michael McCracken michael.mccracken at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 11:45:39 PDT 2007

hCite has shown up in the list a bit recently, but no actual work is
being done.
The citation wiki pages haven't changed much since April.

At this point, it seems like all it serves to do in reality is
discourage people from developing more focused microformats for
subsets of what hCite should support.

Please, let's fix that. There are several open issues, explained
neatly on the wiki at /citation-issues, and now we need someone to
gather interested parties and sort those issues out. I wanted to do
that, but I will not be able to.

I am sending this in case one of you might consider doing this, but
thought that someone else was already on it. As far as I can tell, no
one is, but if you'd like to start, there are probably lots of people
who would be glad to see it moving again. I sure would.

Best of luck,

Michael McCracken
UCSD CSE PhD Candidate
research: http://www.cse.ucsd.edu/~mmccrack/
misc: http://michael-mccracken.net/wp/

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