[uf-discuss] marking up table rows - carrying id through rows tocreate multiple unique .ics exports

jim at eatyourgreens.org.uk jim at eatyourgreens.org.uk
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This is more an accessibility issue, but I couldn't help noticing that
you've marked up the event times as the row headings for each row. So the
headings for 'santa monica' in the first row are 'location' and '0700 -
0800'. I think it would make more sense, particularly to assistive
technology, if the event names were marked up as the row headings instead.

Jim O'Donnell

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From: Matt Warnock matt at daisyinteractive.com
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 21:43:39 -0700
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Subject: [uf-discuss] marking up table rows - carrying id through rows
tocreate multiple unique .ics exports

Hello - I have a question of how to create an id that carries through 
several cell elements and then links to the X2V service to create the 
.ics file.

I am hoping to have multiple events on one page and want to give the 
user one option to download the class they want to attend and not all 
the classes. Do you create and id in the first element, then reference 
this in the headers="" attribute?  I can't seem to get it going and 
populating the ics file correctly. I had it going but it would add the 
location, now it's just shooting blanks.  I don't mean to run to this 
discussion board every time I can't figure stuff out, but it's been a 
long day on this. My cards keep coming up empty.

I am giving the first element (cell) of the row time th an id, then 
referencing that id in the following td classes through the headers 
I'm using the clues in the Allsopp book of naming the axis attribute 
the same as the th column id, and then stating the scope of row but 
it's getting me confused. I'm using a fragmented URL with an escaped 
%23 for the button to ping the conversion service at Suda's X2V 

If someone could take a peek at the code I would be really appreciate 

Its the first table, the today's upcoming classes table

Thanks for any help on this.
Matt Warnock

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